• Bio-X Lullaby (220 ml) with free normal mailing in Singapore
Bio-X Lullaby (220 ml) with free normal mailing in Singapore
  • S$23.90



Problem with bedbugs, lice & mites? Try Bio-X Lullaby – a safe & effective spray against bed bugs and get rid of the mites that cause allergies & skin irritation!

The active ingredient in BIO-X Lullaby is ETOFENPROX. Although classified as belonging to the pyrethroid family of insecticides, Etofenprox is uniquely different from conventional ester-based pyrethroids. It is the only non-ester in the pyrethroid family – meaning that it still retains the efficacy but without the toxicities of ester-based pyrethroids.

Bedbugs have been a problem for humans since biblical times. Up until the 1950s, they were almost completely wiped out due to the use of DDT. After DDT was banned, pyrethroids became more commonly used against bed bugs; as a result, as of 2010, a super strain of bedbugs has evolved nerve cell mutations impervious to pyrethroids. This has caused an international bed bug epidemic due to ineffective treatment methods.

Insect growth regulators are now an important element of bedbug control. As bedbugs become resistant to conventional insecticides, formulators began to introduce mixtures of pyrethroids with insect growth regulators to control infestations that are tolerant to pyrethroids alone.

BIO-X Lullaby also contains a blend of natural botanical extracts that, via its biological modes of actions, provides excellent insect growth regulator activities against a broad spectrum of target pests, including bedbugs.

RP: $23.90

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