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After a hard day’s work, coming home with tensed muscles & aches?

Try Saarinen Organic’s Heat Rub with herbal tinctures and Arnica infused oil. Warming up tight areas with Certified organic essential oils helping you to breathe and relax.

Weight : 30 ml

Usage Tips: After a nice hot shower when your pores are opened, apply the heat rub to your affected areas. Rubbing in to create a warming relaxing feeling. Massage experts mix a little warm oil to a half a teaspoon of our heat rub to massage large areas.


Certified organic oils of Arnica, Hypericum.
Certified organic Glycerine – GMO and Palm oil free
Chemical free Emulsifying wax – Coconut, TIncture of Benzoin – tree bark

Fresh and dried herbs include calendula, chamomile, blue mellow, yellow dock & apple cider vinegar.  This is a very old traditional method using a natural base acid to draw the goodness from the herbs without damaging cells, from 3-6 months to make.  Our heat rub has a Comfrey root, chilli and hypericum tinctures mixed with arnica infused oil and essential oils to help warm areas that need some tender loving care.

At Saarinen Organics, we make our own cream base to protect the integrity of our products, so you and I can be sure exactly what goes in it.
Many products contain active ingredients combined with a cream base purchased somewhere else.





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