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How do you get rid of the day’s dirt naturally without any harsh chemicals that may harm the skin or stripping off the skin’s natural oil?  Use Saarinen Organic Cleanser of course! Recommended for people with dry skin type and also for those above 40.

Use a makeup remover pad, pump a small amount on the pad and wipe all over to remove any make up & rinse with water.

Weight: 100 ml

Ingredients: With local low heated honey, certified organic citrus essential oils and a fresh herbal infusion to clean your skin naturally.

Ionized rain water infusion of Saarinen Organics Permaculture grown herbs of Elder flowers, Chamomile, Dandelion leaves.
Certified organic Red Mandarin and Blood Orange essential oils, local low- heated chemical-free honey and beeswax,.
Certified organic oils of Wheat Germ, Coconut. Certified organic
Glycerin, Emulsifying wax – Coconut, TIncture of Benzoin – tree bark, Parfum – vanilla essence and almond essence.

At Saarinen Organics, we make our own cream base to protect the integrity of our products, so you and I can be sure exactly what goes in it.
Many products contain active ingredients combined with a cream base purchased somewhere else.





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