Article from Today – 19 September 2015 The highest concentrations of dust mites in homes are found in mattresses, a small-scale study conducted by home appliances manufacturer Dyson and the National University of Singapore has shown. The study, which covered 27 homes here, also found beds to be a haven for mould, bacteria and allergens, which are substances that cause allergic reactions.  The average mattress had 3,000 colony forming units (cfu) of mould per gram of dust.  A single mould can produce 40 or more proteins that can cause allergies, symptoms include sneezing, ..

Excerpt from The Straits Times Thursday, June 4 2015 (by Timothy Goh) It sounds like a scene from a horror movie.  Patrons of a local cinema claim they have been leaving with more than just shivers down their spine – after finding themselves covered in bedbugs.  The theatre admitted that it has a problem with the bugs – and pest controllers say it may not be the only cinema here to have them. A group that watched a film on 31 May told how they began feeling uncomfortable during the two-hour showing. A movie patron said that as the movie was drawing to a close, hi..

Do you keep old books on your book shelves? Once-a-while, do check your books for booklice. Heard of them?  Quote from Wikipedia: Booklice are wingless and easily mistaken for bedbug nymphs and vice-versa. The eggs take 2 to 4 weeks to hatch and reach adulthood approximately 2 months later. They damage books and infest food storage areas where they feed on dry and starchy materials. How to kill them without harming the environment? You can either spray Bio-X 3-in-1 or Bio-X Lullaby. These products are manufactured in Singapore and are approved by NEA. JWP Marketing is an authoriz..