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Excerpt from The Sunday Times December 7, 2014

By Lydia Vasko

Take precautions while on a winter holiday in Hokkaido, especially if you are driving.

On 2 December 2014, a coach carrying 16 Singaporean tourists and a tour guide skidded off a snow-covered road in Hokkaido and crashed into an adjacent field.

The tour guide lost two front teeth while a 68-year-old grandmother suffered a broken leg in the crash.

With ice and snow on roads and unpredictable weather, winter can be a treacherous time to be on the road for even the most experienced drivers.

Some Tips:

Although roads may look clear, there may still be a layer of ice present on the roads, a result of snow that has melted and refrozen.  These roads are very slippery, so increase the distance between the next car and yours.

Black ice, a thin layer of ice which does not look like ice but merely makes the road appear wet, is particularly dangerous.  This type of ice is commonly found on bridges, elevated walkways, shaded roads and driveways.  Be extra vigilant in these places.


If you are walking on icy path, do put on a pair of Koroband snow anti-skid shoe grips to prevent from falling and getting injured.