W-1 Tongue Cleaners from Japan

Prevent bacterial build-up and bad breath.

Do you use a tongue cleaner to clean the surface of your tongue? No? Studies have shown that keeping your tongue clean by using a tongue cleaner will remove any bacterial build-up. A clean tongue will also improve the sense of taste, improve health and prevents bad breath.

The steel type which is common in the market may not be suitable for children as it can hurt their tongues. W-1 is made of special ultra fine nylon fibre woven into a loop massages and cleans your tongue. It combines a uniquely-shaped resin base with special (2mm thick) bristles to promote quick drying.

Available in blue and orange. Prices quoted are inclusive of courier delivery in Singapore.

Price: S$10.50 each.

Kindly fill in the necessary particulars for us to arrange your delivery : Order Form

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