Bio-X Lullaby 220 ml

Problem with bedbugs, lice & mites? Try Bio-X Lullaby – a safe and effective spray against bedbugs. Get rid of the mites that cause allergies and skin irritation.

The active ingredient in Bio-X Lullaby is Etofenprox. Although classified as belonging to the pyrethroid family of insecticides, Etofenprox is uniquely different from conventional ester-based pyrethroids. It is the only non-ester in the pyrethroid family – meaning that it still retains the efficacy but without the toxicities of ester-based pyrethroids.

Bio-X Lullaby also contain a blend of natural extracts that, via its biological modes of actions, provides excellent insect growth regulator activities against a broad spectrum of target pests, including bedbugs.

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