Eye Massager

After a day’s work staring at the computer or handphone, won’t it be nice to massage those tired eyes?

Eye Massager is created with the view of giving those tired eyes a boost. It comes with comfort, heat compression, safety, intelligence and affordability in mind.

Providing you with gentle heat and massage compression, targeting the pressure points around the eyes, thus promoting blood circulation and helps relieve tired eyes.

Nano-heating, constant temperature heat compress, first gear 38 °C and 42 °C at 2nd gear. Helps to promote blood circulation. Each activation lasts for 15 minutes. Plug in and listen to your favourite music via the bluetooth connection.

Inner cloth is made of soft, breathable and skin-friendly velvet fabric. Easy to clean too. Each USB charge enables usage between 4-5 times (each time last 15 mins). The elastic strap can be adjusted to suit any head circumference.

Suitable as a gift for all occasions! Comes in 3 lovely colours: White, Black and Pink.

Price at S$69, inclusive of courier delivery.

Kindly fill in the necessary particulars for us to arrange your delivery : Order Form

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